Monday, November 24, 2008

Senior Thesis

Here's a preview of the project im working on for my senior thesis. Im making hand sculpted custom toys and painting them. The final product will be a photographed ad for my custom toys.


Form is hand made out of Super Sculpey, then sanded and painted in acrylic paint. This is my Japanese doll. I'm doing three other dolls from Russia, Kenya, and India. More pics to come!

Above: Me changing things around between photographs.


So I haven't had much time for new posts, but here's some projects ive done in the past month.

Above is a painting I did, it is supposed to be editorial and would be for an article about green roofs and their benefits for the environment.

Below are a few designs I did that would be printed on blank note cards. The series of images are all african mammals.





Monday, October 20, 2008

Digital Illustration

Within my style.. I believe it would be very easy to go to doing digital work because I paint in flat colors. For anyone who doesn't know me, my work is all painted with acrylic paint and I do it because I LOVE the process of mixing colors and the work that goes into doing a physical painting. For my one assignment I decided to do a full spread book cover for a field guide on birds, and it was my first digital piece. As you can see there is not much difference between the digital work and my other painted work but I think I'll stick to painting!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pattern Design

I have been having difficult posting this particular image perhaps because the computers at school are very slow and special. But anyway this is a gridded pattern of an image that I put together by combining two paintings. 


Self Portrait

In the past self portraits have always been annoying for me to do because I would always get hung up on getting an exact likeness and wondering how I should render the figure. I think though that it's gotten to the point where I've been able to get past that and simply have fun with it. I tried to treat the face in a less stylized way then i've been doing recently, but still keep the work in relation to my current pieces. Below is the finished painting, done for John Twingley's class.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Recent Works

Here's a piece I did over the summer. It was supposed to be for the Illustration Friday topic fierce but I never completed it on time because it got a bit complicated. Also here's two pieces I've done this semester so far. Any feedback?

The above piece was inspired by an old house on 15th and Castle in South Philly. The color palette is one of my favorites out of ones i've used in the past.

This was an illustration I did for the 2008 Fringe Festival (for an assignment) it wasn't actually used for the event.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I found out that my friend Millie did a spot illustration of a portrait of myself.. which she did not tell me about, and I find it to be awesome!!

This quote is from Millie's blog describing the piece:

 "it's not quite as close of a resemblance ad i've been going for- but it's got that snarky, cheeky grin that she's so good at which, i think, redeems it at least a litttle."

What could she possibly be talking about?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catch Up

  So I haven't posted anything in awhile, which I apologize for but the end of this summer was hectic and I did not have ready access to a scanner. I ended up participating in another hump day show at Rare Breed, and then a black light show August 29th at Pedestrian on 3rd near South street. 

above:  Over the summer.. some of my friends and I developed this combination of images with 3D chalk on a wall in one of their households, unfortunately the image was erased, but it was 
awesome to see the result.
This is me at the black light show at Pedestrian. The glowing pieces I did last minute and they turned out very nicely.

For the second Hump Day show at Rarebreed I put a Munny doll in that I painted my junior year at Uarts in Jude Buffun's design class.. along with the other pieces on the right had side.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hump Day Show!!

Starting last night until next Thursday July 17th.. a week from today I have some pieces in the gallery at 15th and South (530 S. 15th Street) at Rarebreed, along with some other artists and friends of mine such as Nose G., Dan Hughes, James T. Arnold and more. If you're around the philly, check it out!

Monday, July 7, 2008


So I am making my first visit with my sister Zoe for the summer where she lives in Fort Green. Yesterday consisted of walking around Williamsburg, playing four square in a park there, and watching some people play hardcore kickball. As usual when I'm around her I have done another drawing and since I've been stuck in the lab with her I put some color on with a little photoshop magic... I dunno if you could call it magic though I'm pretty new with the program.


Her hair is my favorite thing to draw in the world! Other than animals..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Illustration Friday

This week's word was hoard so I did a squirrell with a buncha acorns.. click on image for larger view. By the way if you don't know what this is for go to and you'll see.

More work from this past year..

Ok so I admit I might be a little obsessed with MIA but she's awesome. For this gig poster assignment in my design methods class, I decided to do both of these posters instead of just one because I couldn't decide which one I liked better.

This summer..

This summer so far it feels like I haven't really been doing much of anything. I have managed to go to my Dad's shorehouse at Seaside Park, NJ. twice which is very relaxing.

This is my Dad swimming in the freezing cold ocean just to be able to say he took a dip in it.

When we got to the beach I also take advantage of having time to draw in my sketchbook, here's a drawing of my sister Zoe (not very flattering but pen is a fun tool).

Other than the beach I don't really go anywhere else, I'm at home most of the time if I'm not waitressing at pico de gallo, and I usually play with my cats alot of the time. My younger cat Bighead loves the window in my studio, as you can see below!

Work from this past year.

This past year at uarts was a defining one in my time at this school. With the help of some teachers, specifically Tim O'Brien, I was able to find what I wanted to do stylistically and now all I have to figure out is what I want to do with it! Here are some samples of work I did throughout the school year.