Thursday, June 26, 2008

Illustration Friday

This week's word was hoard so I did a squirrell with a buncha acorns.. click on image for larger view. By the way if you don't know what this is for go to and you'll see.


Alina Chau said...

lovely design!

Lawrence Hugh Burns said...

Golly Adrienne, who woulda thought that I'd submit my illustration right after you?! anyways, yours looks awesome. Seems the squirrel hoarding nuts is a popular subject for this topic. But all very different approaches! great job.

adrienne said...

I did see other squirrel pieces but i already had my sketch done which i had fine tuned through last night and i didn't want to do anything else. I always try to remember that there probably are 100000 other artists out these coming up with similar concepts as to ones i think of, I guess it is the style and approach that makes illustrations differ from one another.