Thursday, June 26, 2008

This summer..

This summer so far it feels like I haven't really been doing much of anything. I have managed to go to my Dad's shorehouse at Seaside Park, NJ. twice which is very relaxing.

This is my Dad swimming in the freezing cold ocean just to be able to say he took a dip in it.

When we got to the beach I also take advantage of having time to draw in my sketchbook, here's a drawing of my sister Zoe (not very flattering but pen is a fun tool).

Other than the beach I don't really go anywhere else, I'm at home most of the time if I'm not waitressing at pico de gallo, and I usually play with my cats alot of the time. My younger cat Bighead loves the window in my studio, as you can see below!


Zoe said...

If that drawing weren't so good I'd be mad atcha.

BassnotesandXboxgames said...

I know this kitty he hates me lol!