Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catch Up

  So I haven't posted anything in awhile, which I apologize for but the end of this summer was hectic and I did not have ready access to a scanner. I ended up participating in another hump day show at Rare Breed, and then a black light show August 29th at Pedestrian on 3rd near South street. 

above:  Over the summer.. some of my friends and I developed this combination of images with 3D chalk on a wall in one of their households, unfortunately the image was erased, but it was 
awesome to see the result.
This is me at the black light show at Pedestrian. The glowing pieces I did last minute and they turned out very nicely.

For the second Hump Day show at Rarebreed I put a Munny doll in that I painted my junior year at Uarts in Jude Buffun's design class.. along with the other pieces on the right had side.

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