Sunday, September 28, 2008


I found out that my friend Millie did a spot illustration of a portrait of myself.. which she did not tell me about, and I find it to be awesome!!

This quote is from Millie's blog describing the piece:

 "it's not quite as close of a resemblance ad i've been going for- but it's got that snarky, cheeky grin that she's so good at which, i think, redeems it at least a litttle."

What could she possibly be talking about?



Steve Streisguth said...

snarky indeed.

darlene said...

Ok, who is this guy Steve?!
This is me, Darlene.
Hi A-
Awesome work!
Exciting to find your blog.
Proud to observe and witness all your creative endeavors over the past 10 years!!
yep - love that green roof!
love Darlene
I will be back for more...