Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Euro Trippin'

So I am finally back on the scene after being away for 3 wks. in England and Sicily. My favorite parts of England are always walking around towns and looking at old castles and buildings. While there I was able to see my grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins, which is nice because we only see each other once every 2-4 years.
Below: Ruins of Okehampton castle built in the traditional motte and bailey style.

A lit building somewhere in Sicilia.
My cousin Andrew and I at the Oriole Ball in Oxford. 9 hrs. open bar pheww!
I managed to stay in Bristol for one night for the sole purpose of seeing the Banksy exhibit at the museum there. Banksy is a street artist who does a range of things including animatronics.
His art isn't necessarily my style, but the exhibit was well thought out, and fun to walk around.

This was the only drawing I managed to get done in me sketchbook. It's just a drawing form observation of a porcelain cat that was in my grandparents' sitting room.

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