Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Senior Thesis Exhibition II

I would like to start with saying, the turnout for this years Ely Senior Thesis Exhibition was unbelievable! I appreciate that so many friends, family, alumni, and fellow students were able to make it out. I would like to say thanks to the judges for picking me, along with four other students, to receive an honorable mention award for my work. Below are links to the other placers and the two winners websites. Great job everyone, including those who did not place!

Honorable Mentions
and yours truly.

Below: Me with some friends and fellow illustration students.

Below: A pic of my official display, the shelf came out so nice!

Below: Closer up pic of my shelf.

Below: Me walking down to receive my award, I hate high heels!

Below: My art teacher Ms. Cooperstein from Central High School in Philly, pictured with my sister Zoe who also attended Central. 

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Andrew Ryan said...

i can't believe it's over :(
Adrienne congratulations!